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This bundle includes the Self Portrait | Self Love Ritual and the Power of Pleasure Workshops.

Self Portrait | Self Love Ritual:

a visual guide to your personal homecoming — this 3 video and 17-paged PDF explores the process and importance of self portraiture. created by zoë and alizé.

Power of Pleasure:

A guide to self love, de-shaming and reclaiming our sexual nature.

We talk about:

De-shaming (letting go of the fear holding you back)

The anatomy of the Vulva (connecting to her)

Pleasure (sensual living)

Masturbation (and its hidden power)

Your Womb (and her wisdom)

Consent (voicing what you desire)

For anyone wanting to connect deeper with their Yoni, sexuality and pleasure.


Includes a PDF of 10 pages with links to 9 videos touching on each subject.




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